Your roam away from home . . . Buffalo Soul

JT and Kasey Hodges love music and hosting.  Living in Nashville, tourism and music go hand in hand, which has meant frequent visits from friends and family.  In May of 2017 Kasey and JT met entrepreneur, Todd Baldree.  Baldree, a music fan himself, loved the idea of a lodging experience with a musical foundation.  The three of them have created Buffalo Soul, a bed and breakfast on  Music Row in Nashville, TN.  

Staying at the Buffalo Soul means having a good time and experiencing good music.  Picking on a porch or patio is more common in Nashville than not.  For weekend stays we offer a curated musical experience with Nashville songwriters at an additional cost.  Staying with us means getting to experience some of Nashville's best wordsmiths in an intimate setting.  Buffalo Soul is what an authentic Nashville experience is all about. 

We invite anyone who can appreciate unique accommodations and who are looking for an up-close and personal Nashville experience.  Book your stay now and and let your soul roam.

The Herd

Kasey Hodges


Kasey Hodges has spent most of her professional life working in entertainment marketing.  Kasey and JT love sharing their gifts, their time and their home with friends.  She is a regular at Buffalo Soul and is happy to help with any questions or concerns that come up during your stay.  Kasey is a mom to two daughters, two donkeys, two horses, two cats and one dog.




JT Hodges is a recording artist and actor who grew up in a musical family.  As a kid he worked in his dad's recording studio, Buffalo Sound, from where the name Buffalo Soul was derived.  JT is an includer who truly believes the more the merrier.  JT curates the music and the experience at Buffalo Soul.  He's also a professional bonfire builder. 




Todd Baldree is a serial entrepreneur and consumer of experience.  He is a pilot who lives for the next adventure.  Todd loves music and meeting new people.  His dog, Cody, is a Bernese Mountain Dog and a regular at Buffalo Soul.  Cody is as close to a pet Buffalo as we're gonna get.